Status to be calculated with specific condition

Dear All,

I have an issue in creating New and Planning WIP statuses.
For new:
I want new issues came in the last 2 weeks
So I did it like that

DateBetween([Issue].CurrentHierarchyMember.get(‘Start Date’),
‘15 days ago’, now())
The issue is that It didn’t read from Backlog CRs OR CRs after Jan 2018
It gets all issues which is wrong.
So I believe my problem is in this “[Issue].Members” It suppose to be selected member.

So how can I do it???



You were right it is the way how you filter Issue dimension (issue level) members in your code.

In this case, please try this code instead:

DateBetween([Issue].CurrentHierarchyMember.get('Created at'),
'15 days ago', now())

Martins / eazyBI team

It didn’t work. I believe I need to filter the data one for backlog CRs and one for CRs after Jan.
As New condition must be ZERO for backlog CRs and 15 for CRs after Jan 2018.
I believe the problem in the set of the filter
I need to filter according to the selected Issues.

Hi Miko,

You are using a calculated member in Issue dimension. We suggest addressing a particular level of the hierarchy to be more precise in the formula. For example, [Issue].[Issue].Members. However, this should not be the problem here. Martins suggested updating the formula based on this principle. The formula otherwise looks correct to us. You are filtering issues in issue dimension using a custom field Start Date.

We suggest avoiding calculated members in issue dimension and use other dimensions instead. The better approach would be using Time dimension with an appropriate measure in the report instead of Issue dimension calculated members. The report options and performance will be better in this way.

I would suggest creating a calculated member in Time dimension for 15 days and use year “2018” member to represent issues with this date in 2018.

Create a calculated member in Time dimension 15 days:

      '15 days ago', Now())

Please check more examples on time calculated members in our demo account.

Search and bookmark year 2018 as well. Select both calculated member and year 2018 member for the report. Add a measure Issues with Start date. This measure should pull issues with this custom field date value in last 15 days and in year 2018.

In my report example, I have date custom field Delivery date. The report shows issues with delivery date for the last 15 days and for year 2018.

Please share report definition and more details about your custom field Start Date if your report still does not work as expected.

Daina /

Ok I changed the measure to Measure and it works fine. Thank you so much.