Story Point Burn down without Sprints

Hi all,

i have always similar customer projects and i have a template JIRA Ticket system. for every new project i copy the template and here all the story points are set.

I want to predict the end date (date when zero story points are remaining) based on the story point performance of the last two weeks. Best case this is in a plot showing the remaining story points, the forecast and the expected end date. There is only an example on ticket basis but not for story points and i could not translate.

Please dear eazyBI Team support as always (I am really happy with this support) - very fast and all my problems get solved perfectly.

BR, Herbert

We made a new example report in our demo account with Story Points burn down.

I used the Unreleased versions on Pages, but any dimension you would like to use as a filter will work there. The report works on report-specific measures mainly.

Daina /

Hi Daina,
thanks for this great support. That was exactly what i needed. Awsome support!

BR, Herbert