Story point changes by user

I recently created a chart that tracks story point information, per user, per sprint. This way we could see not just the story points that people were committing & completing, but any changes that may have happened, to try to get an entire story:

We recently had an instance of a story point assigned to user (A) being reassigned to another user (B) during the sprint. The task does not show removed or changed from user A, and they don’t get “credit” for closing the task, user B does. However, user B now has more work done, since that was above his committed points.
My question is, is there a measure to track story point changes through reassignment?

Hi @Liam.Hislop,

To view the number of Story Points whose issues changed assignees, define a new calculated measure. The formula could look similar to the one below:

([Measures].[Story Points added],
[Transition Field].[Assignee])

It considers the historical changes in the assignee field and will also return results for issues with Story Points that were assigned for the first time (unassigned->any assignee).

Roberts //