Story Points and Time in work measures by sprints

I’m new here, so I’d appreciate any help.
My case is this: there is a project, sprints, and for each sprint in the table it is necessary to display for each developer the number of story points made and next to it, in the other column, how much it is in hours of working time spent. Moreover, this information is needed for two statuses: when the task moved to the status Transferred to production and when it came to the status Testing by the customer.
Thanks in advance for your help

Hello @Orisia

To achieve the report you are describing, you could follow these steps:

  • Add Sprint dimensions in Rows. You can find Sprint dimension under the Software section in Dimensions. You can then choose “Sprint” under the hierarchy level to show all Sprints.

  • Add Sprint to Pages as well, this will allow you to filter by a specific Sprint

  • Add Assignee dimension in Rows and pick “User” as the hierarchy level

  • Add Transition Status dimension in Pages to filter by the necessary Statuses

  • Add “Hours Spent” under Measures (and de-select “Issues created” which is the default measure selected when you start building a report). This will show the time that was logged for the Issues.

  • You will need to create a new calculated measure (you read more about it in our documentation: Calculated measures and members)

Use the formula below for this calculated measure, this will allow you to see the Story points for the Issues that have changed the Status to Transferred to production and Testing by the customer:

([Measures].[Story Points added], [Transition Field].[Status])

Once this measure is created, select it, and you will see the Story points for the tasks that have changed to selected statuses in the Sprints.

You should be able to create a report similar to my example below (likely with more data in your case). You can filter by Sprints and Transition Statuses to find the info you need to see in your report. You can also apply an additional filter or use the “Hide empty” button to hide the empty rows and/or columns.

I hope this helps!

Marita //

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