Story Points Burndown for specific status


I would like to modify the traditional burndown chart - I dont want to burn down the story points (and issue count burndown in a second chart) from “remaining” to “resolved” status, but to e.g. the status “in IT-Review”. So that its possible for me to build something like Split/Mini-Burndowns. “From Open/Remaining to It-Review”, “From IT-Review to Implementation”, “From Implementation to Resolved or Closed”. Is it possible to do something like that? Additionally, the “Sprint” Dimension shouldnt be necessary but optional.

Thanks in advance and i really appreciate this forum!


Hi Lars,

Thank you for the feedback and sorry for the delayed answer.

There is a standard measure “Story points history” which you can combine with the Transition status dimension and show the number of the story points transitioned to the status selected. It is a cumulative measure showing the status at the end of the period. For instance, when you will use this measure in the sprint burndown report with the “Done” status, it will be similar to the Cumulative story points resolved measure in the sprint burndown report.

A more precise measure of the story points transitioned could be created with calculation like this (“Story points transitioned”):

    [Measures].[Transitions to status]>0
  ([Measures].[Story Points created],
   [Transition Status].DefaultMember)

This measure, when used in the report with the Transition Status dimension will count the number of story points transitioned to the selected status and you can build a cumulative measure on it with similar formula Cumulative Story points resolved (replace the Story points resolved measure with the “Story points transitioned”).

Please, keep in mind that using the “Story points history” measure with the Transition Status dimension limits the measure to the selected status. Probably, the Story points remaining measure would need the following adjustment:

([Measures].[Story Points history],
 [Transition Status].DefaultMember) 
[Measures].[Cumulative story points transitioned]

The sprint dimension in the burndown reports is utilized for the trend and guideline calculations since those have any meaning when the start and end dates are defined for the sprint scope. The dates can be replaced by custom dates stored as constants in a custom calculated measures and the calculations rewritten to get the dates from the measures, but you will also need to define the scope of the burndown.

Janis, eazyBI support

Hey Janis,

thank you very much, the first formula seems to be working.
The second however, is showing irritating values. If I dont use the sprint dimension, the value is very high. While when i use the Sprint dimension it first seems to be working with “all transition status”, except that the second formula shows negative values. As soon as I select a specific Transition status, the graph is showing nonsense. (only 5 out of 104 went to “In IT Review”, while the rest is remaining).
Is there any solution for this?
It should display a graph like the example i attached. I guess the solution is very close and simple as well. ExampleBurndown

Regards, Lars

@janis.plume - super useful, thanks for posting this. I also am getting negative values…I think this is due to the fact that it’s ‘counting’ Story points twice if Stories are moved into a Transition status more than once.

For my own requirement, it would be just to count the Story points on the last date it was transitioned into the selected Status :pray:

Not sure how we overcome this…thoughts?

Adding to this, by looking at another Sprint, I can’t seem to find any Stories that ‘flip’ between the Status more than once, but have these odd numbers:

I’m expecting the “Story Points Remaining in-Sprint” = 13 (not 0)…

bump - any thoughts from the eazyBI gurus on how to cater for transitioned Story points being counted twice (if they are moved between a Done Status more than once in-Sprint)?

Hi ,
I am trying the same but in my case, story should go through one more status called Development Started before the final status (which is LCO Backlog).

Could you please suggest where I should put this condition.
I tried this but didn’t work:

   [Measures].[Transitions to status] >0 AND [Measures].[Transitions from status] matches 'Development Started'
  ([Measures].[Story Points history],
   [Transition Status].DefaultMember)