Story points completed are not counted in diagram


We are using eazyBI to compare story points commited vs completed. And in one sprint we have one issue not counted in completed. I already checked that issue was added to sprint during sprint planning. It was completed next day. It was in sprint during sprint end and issue still not shown in diagram. Only one suspicious thing I see that issue was moved from another project(which is not suposed to affect this because issue was in sprint and that’s what is checked).

Can you please advice what else I should check and what can I do to make this issue appear on diagram?

Hlib Karman

Hi @hlib.karman,

Unfortunately, I need more details to give you a better answer. But the two areas you can look into is whether the Project the issue was moved in is imported into the particular eazyBI account. Also, you mention, It was completed next day. Was it completed the next day it was added to the Sprint, or the Sprint started?

For a more detailed response, please share the missing issues JSON information, including the changelog. You can retrieve it by adding the following to your browsers address bar:


Replace JIRA_URL with your Jira URL and ISSUE_KEY with the issue’s key. I recommend sharing the Jira issue JSON information here at with reference to this conversation.

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