Story points completed over time per assignee

I want to create report for each person in a team to show in any time period the number of story points is completed versus story points assigned but not completed.

Hi @Behzad_Nazarbakhsh ,

I recommend selecting the desired user from the Assignee dimension in pages. Or use it in the report rows to view several team members. Use the Time dimension accordingly to your requirement - report pages, rows, or both.

Next, to view the completed Story points in a period, use the measure “Story Points resolved”. To view a cumulative sum - “Cumulative Story Points resolved”. For not completed Story Points, I recommend the measure “Story Points remaining” - it will also consider the issue relation regarding Sprints.

See more details regarding the suggested measures on the eazyBI documentation page - Jira Software custom fields.

Please share more details regarding how you want to analyze the Story Points data concerning Assignees in each period.

Roberts //

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