Story points planned at Sprint start date while Sprint is in progress

Hello guys,

I’m creating a report of Sprints statistics. One of the measures of this report is “Planned Story Points”, and in this measure I need to get all Story Points at Sprint start date and show on the chart. I’ve tried to use the measure Story Points committed, but it only works when the Sprint is closed, and it doesn’t fit to my problem, I need the correct value while the Sprint is in progress. Is it possible to do this?
I was wondering if it’s possible to use the measure Story points history and bind him to a specific date like

[Measures].[Story points history] > 0
[Measures].[Story points history] = [Measures].[Story points history] – (At specific date here)

But I don’t know if this is possible, so I’ve tried to calculate those points using another measures but it doesn’t work for all sprints:

[Measures].[Story Points remaining]+
[Measures].[Cumulative Story Points resolved]-
[Measures].[Sprint Story Points change]-
[Measures].[Sprint Story Points added]+
[Measures].[Sprint Story Points not completed] +
[Measures].[Sprint Story Points removed]

If someone has a solution to this problem and could share, I would be grateful.
Thank you in advance.

eazyBI imports and builds Sprint measures based on Jira issue change history and Sprint status change history. We check timestamps of any activity in issue and sprint and analyze them during import when building data for Sprint scope measures.

Sprint Story Points committed should count Story Points from issues added to Sprint at the moment when you start the Sprint for both open and closed Sprints.

Sprint scope management works correctly only in accounts with issue change history import. Please check if this option is enabled for the account.

We had some problems with change entry ordering some time ago, that lead to some problems for a committed scope in sprints. Please check if you are up to date with eazyBI version.

More details with particular issue data from Jira would be necessary to provide a more detailed answer. You could reach out to eazyBI support if default calculated measures do not work as expected in the latest eazyBI version.

Daina /