Strange results using DateAddWorkdays function


Having strange results in a calculated member I’ve made the following tests:
Today date is 24/10/2019

DateAddWorkdays( DateWithoutTime( Now() ), 4 )
Result: 30/10/2019 ==> OK (Saturday & Sunday are configured as non working days in import options)

DateAddWorkdays( DateWithoutTime( Now() ), 5 )
Result: 30/10/2019 (more precisely looking at time 30/10/2019 23:00:00) ==> KO, should be 31/10/2019 in my opinion

Did I missed something in the way DateAddWorkdays function is supposed to work?


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Hi @Christophe!

I checked your tests and truly you are correct - on 24th and 25th of October adding the particular days results in a one hour error. We investigated and the bug seems to be related with Daylight Saving time being in between. The function works as expected after these dates.

Thank you for reporting this issue! We have registered it and will investigate further. I am sorry for the troubles this is causing to you!

Lauma /

Hi ,

Thanks for your feedback.

I think there is also a problem in the way this function is handling additional non-working days.

11/11/2019 is configured as additional non-working days in the Jira import options.
Today date is 12/12/2019.
DateAddWorkdays( Now(), -25 )
Result: 07/11/2019 ==> KO, should be 06/11/2019.

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Hi @Christophe!
Yes, truly this seems like another bug with DateAddWorkdays! While it works when adding positive days, the subtraction seems to ignore the additional non-working days.
I have registered this bug, thank you for letting us know about it!

Lauma /

The fix for this bug is included in eazyBI version 5.3.0

Daina /