String/Text Measures with Excel import

I am building a new cube based entirely on uploaded Excel Spreadsheets. When I try to do the mapping I run into an issue with creating any measures that are NOT numeric (so, string or text).

Error message: Only integer and decimal columns can be used as measures for “XXXXX”

Here’s a rough idea of the type of data:


Points Received can be mapped as a Measure, no issue. NONE of the others can. You can have them as Dimensions. That’s it. We use EazyBI for Jira, and we have lots of text-only measures, so I know it can be done. What am I missing when it comes to this type of upload?

Hi @hjd

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A measure indeed is a quantitative numeric value that can be summed up, calculated averages, etc. There is no meaningful way to sum up or calculate the averages of names and other text values.

When mapping your data, you indeed can map the string/text values as dimensions. Additionally, you can append the “Row count” measure. This can be used in your reports as a counter for how many times the Name/Team appears in your data.

When building your report, use the Dimensions as Page filters or in combination with the numeric Measures:

You can also check out the Data mapping page in our documentation for additional info: Data mapping

Let me know if you have any further questions on this!
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