Sub-tasks number by Priority


Trying to evaluate EazyBI having zero experience in MDX yet :frowning:
Would you please say if it is possible to create a chart where we have

Rows - Priority of Sub-tasks of Issues that have specific FixVesrion?
Columns - number of such Sub-tasks 1. created 2. still open (not closed)?

(Sub-task may do not have FixVersion set :frowning: )

Thanks a lot!


Thank you for evaluating eazyBI and reaching out to the community with your question.

There is a specific configuration possible in eazyBI, allowing to inherit down some fields from the issues of higher level to children. Please, check the documentation about this feature of eazyBI here:

Your case should be covered with this example:

The idea is that this configuration will create a new dimension where the fix version of the parent will group all the sub-tasks.


Janis, eazyBI support