Substitute value for data in Rows


We have a sample graph as

We would like to subsitute values for Rows (colors) i.e. Blue, Red, etc.
e.g. we would like to display Red as “Missing Target” , Green as “Ongoing” etc.

Can someone please advice how to go about it.


Hi @Rajatgupta

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Dimension member names are as they are imported from Jira, and from user interface you can’t rename them.

There are two solutions:

  1. Create calculated members for all the standard members and name them as you need.
    Then, in the report rows, add those calculated members along with bookmarked standard member (none).

  1. Another option is creating a new JavaScript custom field that would assign to issue value “Missing target” if the color is Red, “Ongoing” if the color is Green, etc. In other words, in this new custom field, the issue color would be replicated, only with a new name.

Then, import this new custom field as a dimension, and use it instead of the color dimension in the report. Read more about it in the documentation:

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