Sum of a custom field

I have a question because its not clear for me.

I have all these projects with an initial budget and a final value. I also create a “availablity” field. What I want is to obtain the TOTAL of initial budget, final and availibity. If I add the “total” row, I get the results (at the end of the report) but i have to expand all the projects. Is there a way to display these values without expanding ? I cant select a field like “issues”.initialbudget, just issue.inititialbudget. I’m quite confused … if I pick “Issues created” from the predefined measures, I get the sum of the number of issues. Is there a similar way for a custom field ?

Is it the right way to procede ?
Descendants([Issue].CurrentMember, [Issue].[Issue]),
[Measures].[Issues created] > 0),

Thanks a lot for your time. ps english is my third lang.

Hello @toudg ,

We can see on the provided image that fields “Budget initial” and “Valeur finale” are imported as properties of the issue. Thus, they appear on the issue level but are not visible on the project level.
You might look at the Jira import options-> Custom fields section if you can select these fields as measures.
Once you import these fields as measures - eazyBI will create a set of Measures like Budget initial created , Budget initial resolved , Budget initial closed, etc.
You may then use these new measures for the calculation of subtotals and totals in your report.

You can find out a bit more about the custom field totals in our documentation here: Jira custom fields.

Please let us know if this brought you closer to the solution or you need some more assistance with the matter.

Kind regards,
Oskars /