Sum of custom field with condition

In Jira, I have a custom attribute called “CustomerCount”, which will have value between 0 and 500. For example, lets say, there are 5 issues with the following value for this custom attribute:-
Issue1::CustomerCount=5 ; Issue2::CustomerCount=0 ; Issue3::CustomerCount=25 ; Issue4::CustomerCount=1 ; Issue5::CustomerCount=4

I want to creare a report that will show the following :
a) aggregated CustomerCount (i.e. sum of CustomerCount for all the 5 issues. In this case, it should report as 35 i.e 5+0+25+1+4)

b) aggregated Issue count where the issue’s CustomerCount is > 0. In this case, it should report as 4 (because, for Issue2, the CustomerCount is 0; for all the other issues it is > 0)

How to achieve this in EazyBi

Hi @Srinivasan.Sairam ,
You should import the field “CustomerCount” as a measure. You can select this in the eazyBI data import options. After the import eazyBI will create measures like “CustomerCount created”, “CustomerCount resolved” and others. You can use those measures for summing or aggregating the values. See more here: Jira custom fields

To count issues that have a value for “CustomerCount” field greater than 0, you can use this formula to create a new custom measure in the Measure dimension:

    DescendantsSet([Issue].CurrentMember, [Issue].[Issue]),
    [Measures].[CustomerCount created]>0

In the report in would look like this:

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