Sum of customfield value of issues grouped by dimensions

I would like to create a graph by time of calculated formula.

for a specific fixVersion, for every dates group (week/month), I would like to sum a customfield value:


I tried to use 2 dim table, date, issues-epics
and 3 dim table fixVersion,date,issues-epics

but failed to get sub-totals by date and fixVersion


Hi @odedmo
Welcome to the eazyBI community!

You may want to import custom field “T-Shirt Size X Status Factor” as a measure. In the result, you will get a set of measures in eazyBI: T-Shirt Size X Status Factor created, T-Shirt Size X Status Factor resolved, etc
Read more about importing numeric values as measures:

In the report, use measure “T-Shirt Size X Status Factor created” instead of the property “Issue T-Shirt Size X Status Factor” - it will sum up the value to the project level automatically, and the value will be calculated accordingly to the selected Page filter.

Also, you may want to watch a short video about measures and properties and how they differ: