Sum of story points completed grouped by due date

Hi all,

I have a set of issues with due date and I need to be giving a report every two weeks.

I have created a report with time and I am using the “Story points closed” measure. Nevertheless, from what I read, the “Story points closed” measure groups the results by issue closed date.

I would like to be grouping them by due date, so that I will be able to provide a percentage of the work that is due and done by date.

I am not so good in eazyBi coding, so any ideas? Can someone help?

Many thanks in advance

Hi @nikbats

Welcome to eazyBI community!

There are two measures that group issues on a timeline by due date:

  1. “Issues due” - counts curently unresolved issues by due date
  2. “Issues with due date” - counts all (resolved and unresolved) issues by due date

Consequently, you may use one of their derivateives - “Story points with due date” or “Story points due” to get total of story points from all or unresolved issues counted by the due date. If you need only Story points from closed issues, then “Story points with due date” would suit best; also use Status dimension with selected status Closed in the report Pages.

Take into notce that if you use Time dimension with those measures, issues without due date won’t appear in the report (except if All Times member is used) as they do not have corresponding time member to be counted to.

One more thing: starting from eazyBI version 5.3. , there is an option to build a custom hierarchy in Time dimension, if you need it bi-weekly. Read more:

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