Summarize Vales for FixVersion and Epics with fix version

Hello, community!
I’m trying to create a report that imitates “Release Burndown”.
Two conditions I’m struggling with:

  1. Take all issues that belong to epics with FixVersion “1”.
  2. Take all epics that have FixVersion “1” and summarize their Story Points.
  3. Summarize Step 1 + Step 2.
  • [Release 1] Epic = Story point
    –[Release 1 Epics] Issues = Count of them under those epics

Please, let me know how could it be done?

Thank you

Hi @Yana_Savchenko

You may use linked field dimensions option and import the “Epic Fix version” dimension. Here is described how to define and import it: the full process in Issue link field dimensions (and see the
example how to define Epic Fix version).

Use the “Epic Fix version” dimension as a Page filter, and you would include in the report data from all epics having this version as well as from their children (regardless of their fix versions).
Use measure “Story points created” alone to show the total of story points for each epic (i.e. epic points plus its children points).