Summary and Avg

Hey Community may I am to stupid. Because it is a simple question. I try to get the avg for my company.
I just want to have the total in a new colum or in a new Measure. And also i want to count all measures that are used for that example. Total of Zeit bis… : 193 and total Datasets : 7
So i will get a Avg: 27,57.
Thanks for your help…

I also try this:

CASE WHEN NOT IsEmpty([Measures].[Zeit bis Angebot geschickt wurde])
Avg(VisibleRowsSet(), [Measures].[Zeit bis Angebot geschickt wurde])


If you use the latest version of eazyBI (since 5.0) or eazyBI for Jira cloud, you can try using the new feature - standart calculations where it is possible to calculate average results for displayed rows.

Please see more on our documentation page:

Martins / eazyBI support