Summing up hours spent for month and lock values


I am trying to figure out how to filter hours spent per specific month without using the time dimension.

I created an aggregated member in the time dimension for July, which is:

[Time].[Month].[Jul 2018]

I use this for summing up all hours in one month:
SUM({ChildrenSet([Time].[July 2018]).Item(0):
[Time].CurrentMember },
[Measures].[Hours spent])

I only get the hours though for the month, if I choose July 2018 in the time hierarchy (which is, in the formula, [Time].CurrentMember ). I would like to see this value though as a “locked” value, no matter what time member I am choosing.

Can somebody help?

Thank you in advance,



The solution for cases like this is by using the tuples. That is a very powerful feature of the MDX language and the solution for your case would be the following:

([Measures].[Hours spent],
 [Time].[Month].[Jul 2018])

Please, find here more about how to use the tuples in your formulas:

Janis, eazyBI support