Table view with different custom fields related on a "record date"


I have tried to create a table, but I´m a bit lost. About the use case: We have a project where we want to document all KPIs. On one of our issue types we have three (for me) relevant number fields which I want to show in a historical table related to the record date the people are able to chose from a calendar:

The Table should show setup quantity, reject quantity and total quantity per day (which should be the record date they fill in) grouped in calendar weeks.
Is that possible?

Hi @NadineArnold

Thanks for posting your question!
It is not entirely clear how you want to reflect your results, but I recommend starting with selecting a measure “Setup quantity” and/or “Rejected quantity with Record Date”. You will be able to see these measures if you import your custom date, “Reject Date,” as a measure.

Here you can see the issue ETQ-20 settings in Jira:

And this is how it is reflected in eazyBI

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