Taking a created search filter to reprt

Good afternoon. I’m looking to create a report based off a a filter I created. However, I’m stumped on how to translate that information from a filtered search to a report. Any help would be appreciated?

Hi @rodjay5,

When transforming JQL filter to eazyBI you should consider which fields are used in JQL and how those fields are represented in eayzBI.

  1. Make sure the report has at least one predefined measure on report columns. Measure is the core element of each report that defines how dimensions are related to each other and allow you to filter and group data. The measure is the treasure! By default, a report has a predefined measure “Issues created” that woudl work for most of simple use cases.

  2. All of the select fields in JQL should be present also in the eazyBI report in form of dimensions. You might want to set those dimensions on reprot pages and select the same values you have in JQL filter.

  3. If the JQL expression has criteria to filter by some date, then add the “Time” dimension to the report and measure representing date field. For example, if you filter issues by “Due date”, then use measure “Issues with due date” on your report columns.
    You may remove measure “Issues created” in this situation.

I would recommend watching the training video “Jira Admin’s Journey to eazyBI” to get faster on track and see how the same data look in Jira and eazyBI: Training videos on specific topics .

Here are presentation slides with several examples of how to transform JQL to eazyBI reports: Translating-JQL-Queries-to-eazyBI-Reports-by-Janis-Plume-eazyBI.pdf - Google Drive.

Zane / support@eazyBI.com