Target end as dimension / original estimated hours

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Is it possible to add the target end field as a dimension. We’ve tried this with javascript, but it always gives an error - so wondered if we are doing something wrong?

What we are trying to achieve is a visualising of each assignee, and the original estimated hours they have assigned per day across all tasks, or even per task if a sum of the hours is not possible

so essentially this view


It seems that this use case can be covered with the option of import of the date field as measures. First, you can create a new Javascript field duplicating the original estimated hours:

name = "Original estimate V1"
data_type = "decimal"

Now, once you select any date custom field for import as measure, it will create set of measures where numeric custom fields are mapped to the time by this date custom field. In my case, I selected the Date Submitted like that:

The result is the following:

Janis, eazyBI support

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