Tempo billed hours no longer imported

Anybody in the community uses Tempo Billed hours and in case you do, anybody noticed in their setup that these hours no longer match with the ones in Tempo?

  • We notice a difference in the running eazyBI accounts. Some issues seem to have lost their tempo billed hours others don’t.
  • For new clean accounts the tempo billed hours don’t get imported anymore.

We use JIRA: v7.2.3
Tempo timesheets: 8.4.1
EazyBI: 4.3.2

Hi @Christopher , I just had a look at the ‘Tempo Billed Hours’ metrics and compared this one with the "Hours Spent’ as we are just using the standard tempo metrics and there are no differences on our side.

Note: we are just using Tempo Teams not Tempo Accounts / customers, … so not sure it helps…

  • JIRA v7.2.1
  • Tempo timesheet 8.3.1
  • EazyBI 4.3.2

Hi All,

Problem was caused by Tempo 8.4.1. and is solved in 8.5.

Don’t forget to empty (NOT Delete) the cube and do a reimport when you have this problem and upgraded to Tempo Timesheets 8.5.