TEMPO + eazyBI - worklog attributes and teams

i have 3 worklog attributes set in Tempo addon. I can import them separately as dimensions to eazy BI, but results are not very satisfying:

Is there a possibility to import worklog attributes as a dimension, like, all of them?

And additional question - after importing Team Dimension i have no teams to choose and i don’t know why…

Maybe someone had the same problem? Sorry is question is too easy, it’s my first time with Tempo addon :slight_smile:


Each Tempo Timesheets worklog attribute is imported as a separate dimension, and your approach adding them to the report is correct - the values are displayed on the crossjoins of those dimensions.
Only, it seems, you have very few values and I can understand the wish to import them into one dimension. It is not possible to import them as one dimension.
Also, there could be a situation when the worklog entry has valid “Spotkanja” and “Konsultacje” values at the same time (you do not have any worklog with such a situation yet), and then there will be a problem assigning logged hours.

For better visibility, you may want to move some of Tempo dimensions in rows and, probably, if you have only (none) values, remove the dimension from the report at all.

Or, if you have a few valid combinations you are interested in, you may want to write a calculated measure for each combination you are interested in (using a tuple).
For instance, the following would give the result 10.52

([Measures].[Hours spent],
 [Tempo Spotkania].[Konsultacje],
 [Tempo Konsultacje].[(none)],
 [Tempo Szkolenia].[(none)])

Ilze, support@eazybi.com