Tempo Teams WorklogAuthors

I am trying to use eazybi to report on worklogs of authors that belong to specific Tempo Teams. Has anyone attempted this and if so, how did you accomplish it?


Thank you for pointing to this. Several of our customers have requested this feature, and it is on our backlog. I upvoted this feature with this community request as well.

Janis, eazyBI support


@janis.plume, do you have any updates on it?
It would be nice to know if you are planning to implement this feature at the nearest time.


With eazyBI version 6.1 we added support for a new dimensions Logged by Team. This dimension will work with measure Hours spent and will split it by teams of the user who logged the time.

See more about support for Tempo in our documentation.

Daina / support@eazybi.com