The values of subtasks created and closed are empty in EazyBI report

I have subtasks in JIRA. I want to visualize subtasks created and closed but when I add those columns in my EazyBI report, those fields are empty.

Hi @Pranjal_Taye

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You may use two approaches:

  1. Use Issue dimension default hierarchy in the report rows and add measures “Sub-tasks created” and “Sub-tasks closed” or “Sub-tasks resolved” in the report columns (resolved for issues with resolution/resolution date; closed for issues entered in a closing state as defined in import options)
    You can also add Issue property “Issue sub-task keys” to see the list of subtask issue keys for each issue, but you can’t get the subtasks themselves in rows under their parent issues.

  1. Use Issue dimension Sub-task hierarchy, Parent level issues in the report rows, measure “Issues created” and “Issues resolved” or “Issues closed” in the report columns, as well as Issue type dimension in Pages to filter by sub-tasks issue types (not to count parent issues in).
    In this case, you may expand and see those sub-task issues in the report, too.


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