Tickets in validation

Hello community,

I would need a measure which shows all tickets with the status “in validation” and this I want to show over time.
A ticket which has a specific status “Realized” (Workflow: New->Classified->Analyzed->Realized->Closed)
would be in my case a ticket which is in status “in validation”. I would like to have a bar chart or sth. like this where I can see i.e. in CW45 there were 150 tickets in validation and in CW46 there were 140 and so on… is this possible?



Hi @Philipp!

I am sorry to see your question has been pending answer for so long!

You can write a tuple using issue history measures. The following measure together with Time dimension will give how many issues were in Realized status by the end of each period. You can call this measure ‘Issues in validation’

([Measures].[Issues history],
 [Transition Status].[Realized])

Lauma /