Time Allocation % between different issue types

HI, I’m new with EazyBI that’s why i’m struggling with some, probably simple, calculation.

No i’m trying to create report with time allocation between different kind of issues: Defect (Defects, Automation tickets), Particular Business Epics and Others

i need to get something similar to

Before business epic expand everything looks good.
But everything breaks when i’m expad list of business epics:

[total hours spent] = (Measures.[Hours Spent with sub-tasks], [Issue Type].DefaultMember)

[Story Time Allocation] = CASE
WHEN [Measures].[Total Hours Spent]>0
THEN [Measures].[Story Hours Spent]/[Measures].[Total Hours Spent]

How can i get calculated time allocation for each row, in our case i want to have [Total Hours Spent]= 151 for each row in W36?

thanks in advance!

Hi @OlegChe

Sorry for the late reply!

You can try changing the formula for the “Total hours spent” measure to also take the DefaultMember for the issue dimension:

  [Measures].[Hours spent with sub-tasks],
  [Issue Type].DefaultMember,

However, this also depends on the context you set for this report with the Page and the Row selections.

Let me know if this returns the correct result or if it needs more tweaking!
Best regards,