Time dimension - JIRA tickets covering multiples months


I’m building a table for JIRA tickets, but I wish a distribution over the months.

So, I’ve build a basic hierarchical data table, like in the next picture.
You have 3 levels:

  • Project
  • Issues
  • Sub tasks
    And a few measures to display.

Now, I wish to have a distribution over the time (over the months).
If I add the Time dimension and select the 3 last months, then the measure has no value.

FYI, here is the measure I use

Here is an example:

Ticket ID: LOY-1420
Start date: September
End date: October

As you can see on the next picture, all the red boxes are empty. Thoses are the number I try to collect.
If I select “All Times” I got the right values (But it is the total for all the month).

Do you have any idea to solve this please?

Notice: Here is how I define the measure I use.

CASE WHEN not IsEmpty([Measures].[Issue sub-task keys]) THEN

DescendantsSet([Issue].CurrentHierarchyMember, [Issue].CurrentHierarchy.Levels(‘Sub-task’)),

([Measures].[Workdays in transition status], [Transition Status].[In Progress])
, 0)


([Measures].[Workdays in transition status], [Transition Status].[In Progress])