Time dimension - JIRA tickets covering multiples months


I’m building a table for JIRA tickets, but I wish a distribution over the months.

So, I’ve build a basic hierarchical data table, like in the next picture.
You have 3 levels:

  • Project
  • Issues
  • Sub tasks
    And a few measures to display.

Now, I wish to have a distribution over the time (over the months).
If I add the Time dimension and select the 3 last months, then the measure has no value.

FYI, here is the measure I use

Here is an example:

Ticket ID: LOY-1420
Start date: September
End date: October

As you can see on the next picture, all the red boxes are empty. Thoses are the number I try to collect.
If I select “All Times” I got the right values (But it is the total for all the month).

Do you have any idea to solve this please?

Notice: Here is how I define the measure I use.

CASE WHEN not IsEmpty([Measures].[Issue sub-task keys]) THEN

DescendantsSet([Issue].CurrentHierarchyMember, [Issue].CurrentHierarchy.Levels(‘Sub-task’)),

([Measures].[Workdays in transition status], [Transition Status].[In Progress])
, 0)


([Measures].[Workdays in transition status], [Transition Status].[In Progress])


Hello @cdemez

Measure “Workdays in transition status” shows how many workdays the issue has stayed in the selected transition status (In Progress, in your case). It is calculated at the moment when the issue was transitioned from this status and, when used with the Time dimension, the value is shown for the time period when the transition from this status happened.
More information about transition statuses - Import issue change history

In the particular case, the transition from status “In Progress” seemingly has happened in other time periods than you have selected in your report (neither in November as the Current month nor in October as the Previous month and also not in September as the Antepenultimate month). Hence the report shows value only in “All times” (if you expand it to months, you will see for what month the days are shown). You may check in Jira the issue transition date from In Progress.

Since Ticket ID: LOY-1420 start date was in September and the end date in October, more information (such as - transitions between statuses) is needed to investigate why no data is showing in the selected time periods (the client was contacted separately to obtain this information).

Best wishes
Elita from eazyBI@support.com