Time lag report between statuses

Hello Community,

Is this achievable in easyBI?

  1. Number of tickets to traversed to a particular status at least once over a period of time: In a workflow, if the starting status is ‘Open’ and one of the statuses is ‘Hotfix’, we would like to know below:
  • How many tickets traversed from ‘Open’ to ‘Hotfix’ in a week and their count by day, week.
  • What is the average time taken for tickets to traverse from ‘Open’ to ‘Hotfix’ in a day, week, and month
  • Filter these reports by priority and custom fields(Service teams)

Please let me know if you need any additional details. is there any supporting documentation in achieving the same?

Hi @Wasim_Akram,

For analyzing issue workflow, status changes, and lead time there are two sets of metrics you can use.

  1. One option is to analyze issue status change history using dimensions “Transition Status” and “Transition” with measures “Transition to status issue count” and “Days in transition status”.
    More details on those metrics: Import issue change history.

    For example, if issues go from status “Open” directly to status “Hotfix”, then you can use the “Transition” dimension and pic “Open => Hotfix” to find those issues. And use it with measures “Transition to status issue count” to see issues that had the particular transition in the selected period.

  2. Another option is to use issue cycles and define which statuses represent the development cycle, which represents the whole lead cycle, and so forth. eazyBI will create several metrics representing issues in the cycle and the time this cycle takes.
    More details on issue cycles: Issue cycles.

Zane / support@eazyBI.com