Time spent and Original hours

i’m trying to plot indicator using [Meausures].[Original estimated hours] and [Measure].[hours spent].
even if each field is correctly filled in jira, when i want to plot something in a table, no value appears!

when i want to see only Original estiamted Hours, all is displayed correctly in the table.
if i want to add hours spent, original estimated hours become empty.
it is the same if i do the same in reverse (no “hours spent” when i add “Original hours”)

on the example uploaded, you can see several examples of issues that appear filled then empty when i add the second Measure.

form example: the issue 21 is filled with 8h on the field [Original estimated hours]. If i add [Hours spent], the field [hours spent] appear filled with 7 hours but the field [Orginal hours] become empty…

what can i do if i want both columns with their values? Maybe my problem is linked to date of creation and date of update… But if it is the case, how can i manage the date in order to only consider the release date for both column?
thank you

Thank you for the question.

Each measure is related to the Time dimension differently. Measure “Original Estimated hours” is tied to Time dimension by issue creation date, “Hours spent” by the start date specified in the worklog. Please read more about these measures in our documentation: Jira Core measures and dimensions

I suggest defining a new calculated measure to show all original estimated hours on the issue with hours spent. For the calculation, use the expression like this:

  [Measures].[Hours spent] > 0
    [Measures].[Original estimated hours],

Kind regards,
Ilze Mezite support@eazybi.com