Time Spent in a Assigned to Role field by a Defect

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I am looking to find a way / measure in which i can see - for how many days/time a team has been assigned a particular defect .
For example - If Initially Triage team had a defect in their bucket via assigned to Role field of JIRA = Triage and then after it moved to Development team for the fix - then it moved to testing after fix delivery then it should be shown that –
Triage = Time with Triage Team
Development = Time with Development Team
Testing = Time with Testing Team

and incase it retest fails and moves back to development team for new fix after retesting fail…then it should calculate that too as per same process/flow.

**Time Count preferrable in hours

Can someone please check on this and help me in here ?


I could recommend the following approach to see the days for each issue of how long it has spent time for each team.
First, please add the advanced settings to tell eazyBI to import your “assigned to Role” field also with the changes:


Now you can track the dates when some transitions to or from this field happened. The formula of the custom measure will refer to a couple of hidden treasures of the Jira Issues data cube in eazyBI. For instance, if you have imported the custom field “Customer priority” with changes, you can put the priorities in the report rows and find the earliest date when the transition to the value happened:

([Measures].[Transition to first timestamp],
 [Transition Field].[Customer priority])

Similarly, you can find the date when issue transitioned from the value:

([Measures].[Transition from last timestamp],
 [Transition Field].[Customer priority])

Such measures allow creating a simple report like this:

The complete solution of this use case might depend on the outlook of the report you wish to achieve. Note also, that this solution might have a shortage when several transitions to and from the team happened.

Janis, eazyBI support