Time tracking calculation

Hi Team,

I am new to eazy BI. Please help me with below problem. Thanks

We are recording date and time stamp of tickets in specific statuses like on hold , in progress, off hold and by default created time, resolved will be available.

My ask is I need to calculate Wait time = in progress - created
effort time = resolved - in progress (If ticket doesn’t go to on hold)
effort time = (on hold-in progress) + ( resolved-Off hold) [If ticket goes to off hold]

and I need average wait time(In days or Hours) per team i.e if team A completed 10 ticktes then Average effort time for team a = Total tickets effort time /10

Note: teams are span across two countries so need to consider time zone.

Hi @Ravi,

You might want to use measures representing issue change history, like measure “Days in transition status” and dimension “Transition Status”, to analyze how much time issues spent in each transition status and lead time. There you can see the list of available measures and their descriptions:

Data in an eazyBI account are in one time zone. Users may work with Jira in different time zones, but when data are imported they are all represented according to the time zone selected in eazyBI import options (https://docs.eazybi.com/eazybijira/data-import/jira-issues-import#JiraIssuesImport-Timedimension)

I would recommend starting with eazyBI Demo account where are several examples of issue lead and cycle time analyses:

Zane / support@eazyBI.com