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I have a field named Automation Status in jira issues and its a multi select. I import this field as a dimension and include its value changes as well from import configuration. Basically, I want to see how much of the issues are automated over time because the issues themselves are not necessarily automated right away. When I build a report with time dimension and Automation Status values, it work based on the issue creation date instead of Automation Status field change. I have tried to define a measure with tuple of issue and specific automation status to use with time dimension, that also works based on issue creation date. I used only Automation Status as dimension with issue counts, have same result. Any suggestions?

In the following screenshot, the last update date is the day Automation Status changed.


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Hi @Mert_Calisan

Is this Jira custom field a single choice field or a multiple-choice field? If it is a multiple-choice field that contains multiple values per issue then it is not possible to import history for it.

If it is a single choice field and you have the Import change history enabled and added code in your Advanced settings to import the change history for this custom field then you can define a new calculated measure with formula along these lines:

    [Measures].[Transition to last timestamp],
    [Transition field].[Automation Status]

Make sure to set the formatting to “Date”.
In the Issue member level, this measure will return the last date that the Automation Status field was changed for this issue. You can also change the formula to return [Transition to first timestamp] to get the first date, that an Issue had this field assigned.

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Thanks for the answer. I think this does not solves my inquiry about how over time (statistically) the number of one particular selection is increased. While I did more digging into documentation, I found how to do it.

Its in this documentation’s “Last date when custom field changed” section where you define the specific value change as a measure so that you can see how things changing over time.

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