To many dimensions in report

Is any possible to create report look like this without so many dimensions? Now report is very slow :confused: If this is not possible, how to configure eazyBI to get faster reporting? I run eazyBI on child process with 4GB RAM. I have 8 core server with 16GB RAM now.

Try to use just the "Issue dimension in rows and issue properties from Measures:

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Thanks, for answer but this not work as I expected. Question about configuration, how to made eazyBi faster? Current configuration is enought to do this?

Hi @tbryla,

As @arama_mihai suggested, please try to use the issue properties for most dimensions you currently have selected on rows.

My suggestion would be to remove all but the Issue dimension from rows and move the Time dimension from columns to rows. And then add all the issue properties. The report will look a little bit different, but you will gain better performance. Please have a look at a picture of a sample report:

Kind reagards,
Roberts // eazyBI support

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