Total hours spent on epics - grouped by custom field

Hi all,

Fairly new to this but here is what I’m hoping to achieve. On my Jira epics I have a custom string field ‘project’, the contents of that field could be the same across multiple epics. I want to sum all hours on features and sub-tasks under epics then group them by that project field so I have a report showing how much time has gone into each project. I also probably want to be able to display the sum of time for features that don’t link to an epic or where the epic doesn’t have a specified project.

Currently I’m unable to sum the hours under each epic so I assume I’m missing something obvious. I’ve already imported my custom field and can use it as a row. I think if I can create a custom measure to sum time under epics it might work. Any help would be appreciated.



Update on this. I appear to have got a sum of hours for features and sub-tasks showing against the epic but it does not group as I would expect in the table. As you can see from the image below the EpicTotalRecordedTime column has 9 hours showing against (none) and nothing against the ‘Testing Initiative’ row. My best guess is because that custom field (Initiative) does not exist and has no value on both Features and Sub-Tasks.

As a note this isn’t the final view for the table just a change around to see where I was going wrong.

EpicTotalRecordedTime =
[Measures].[Hours spent with sub-tasks])

Any thoughts?

Final update.

I managed to get the report to display the way that I wanted in the end. It involved changes to the advanced settings around my custom field on the epic. I had already included it in the advanced settings to import it as a dimension but it needed extending to also contain an additional line “update_from_issue_key”:

data_type = “string”
dimension = true
update_from_issue_key = “epic_key”

Honestly I’m not 100% sure what I’m doing here but the impression I get from this documentation is that my report is now based around feature level issues and the grouping is via a field that exists on the epic that can be accessed via the epic_key.

Whatever the reason hopefully if someone has this same issue in the future this response can help resolve your issue.


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