Total not calculated for just one measure. Why?


We have the following set up:

The calculated members for sprints have the following formula:

SpyderPI3 for example:

[Sprint].CurrentHierarchyMember.Name MATCHES “.Spyder.
AND [Sprint].CurrentHierarchyMember.Name MATCHES “.PI03.

The formulas for

Story Points Committed:
( [Measures].[Story Points added],
[Transition Field].[Sprint status],
[Sprint Status].[Active],
– An issue was in a sprint at a sprint start time
[Issue Sprint Status Change].[Future => Active],
[Sprint].CurrentMember.get(‘Start date’)

Story Points completed:

[Measures].[Sprint Story Points at closing],
[Transition Status.Category].[Done]

My question is, why is the total not calculated for “Story Points committed”, but for every other measure it is?

Can I change that?

Thank you!

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Has someone a solution for this?


The Story points committed calculated member uses Sprint Start date while other measures do not use individual sprint properties. The Start date is only available for the individual Sprint and there is no Start date available for the group of Sprints.

You can create a new calculated measure that sums committed story points over the group of Sprints. Use the following formula

    Descendants([Sprint].CurrentMember, [Sprint].[Sprint])),
  [Measures].[Sprint Story Points committed] > 0),
  [Measures].[Sprint Story Points committed]

Let me know if there is anything else I can assist you with!
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