Totaling Issues Closed based on sub-values

I have a use case where I want to count the total number of issues closed based on a secondary field.

I created a custom measure.

[Measures].[Issues closed],
[Category (New)].[Strategic]
[Measures].[Issues closed],
[Category (New)].[Tactical]
[Measures].[Issues closed],
[Category (New)].[KTLO]

I have a column in the report below with issues closed by Strategic, Tactical, and KTLO.
In the last column, I want the total of issues closed for all three above.

Hi @briantaylor ,

Even though you sum the number of closed issues of all three Category (New) dimension members, having the same dimension in the report columns applies its context to the calculation, separating them for each member.

I recommend utilizing the drill into measure by another dimension functionality in your case - Create reports.

First, remove the Category (New) dimension from the report columns. Then drill the first two measures into the Category (New) dimension. Select the members you want to display in it. That will leave your last measure returning the total undivided by the Category (New) dimension members.

Roberts //