Track aging of issues for past as well as current


We are looking for a report which needs last 3 months historical data of opening and pending tickets ageing separately.

For Ex: Ticket # 3 is pending in last week, i need the ageing of the ticket in last week in Pending Ageing, but this it is open it should be in Open Ageing.

So, report should know show current interval ageing in current week and last week interval ageing on last week ageing.

Is it possible, if yes please guide me.


Hi @mmadhvi!

In the eazyBI Demo account, there is the report of Average age till resolution. There is a similar measure that you are looking for - Average age of Open issues. For all the open issues, this measure calculates the time from issue creation until the end of the period, or until now() for the current period.

You can modify this measure by using tuples to

  • calculate the age of issues that were in the specified status (or are in the status now)
  • instead of creation date, you can use the first (or last) date transitioned to the status

Lauma /