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Hi all,

My project has two peculiar issue types, “team satisfaction” and “team confidence”, both main issue types.
Those types have just 1 field, that’s a drop down value list 1 to 5.
Each Sprint the team inputs the confidence and the satisfaction using those custom issues.
I imported the new types both as dimensions and as measures, and I’m trying to build a sprint-based story of - let’s say - confidence.
How can I set it up so that I have for each sprint the confidence value?

Hi @Mauro_Bennici

You may want to use a tuple construction from measure “Issues created” and a member of “Team Satsifaction” dimension to calculate the amount of issues with specific team satisfaction values.
For example, number of issues with team satisfaction “2”:

([Measures].[Issues created], [Team Satisfaction].[2])

If you succeeded to import Team satisfaction also as a measure, then you have a hidden measureIssues with Team Satisfaction created” having the total number of issues with any team satisfaction value. Use it as a divisor for average calculation:

[Measures].[Issues with Team Satisfaction created]>0
([Measures].[Issues created], [Team Satisfaction].[2])/
[Measures].[Issues with Team Satisfaction created]

The same approach use for another custom field.


Thanks Ilze :slight_smile: I’ll try it asap

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