Tracking # of Issue/Story Point Transitions in a sprint

Hello, I want to create a report that counts the total # of issues as well as story points that transitioned from status A to status B. I already have the issues being counted but how do I go about getting the story points accounted for?

This is what I have so far


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Thanks for the details! I see that you are using the “Transitions to status” measure - this measure will count the number of transitions of your selection. If one issue has several of these transitions, it will count all of them in the result.
If you want to count just the number of issues, you can use the “Transitions to status issues count” measure.

I see that you’ve selected multiple Transition dimension members in the report’s filter. Is it possible for one issue to go through several of these selected transitions, or is it the case that each issue will only go through one of these transitions?

If each issue can go through only one of these transitions, you can define a new calculated measure “SP transitioned” in the Measures dimension and use the following formula that references a hidden Story Point measure:

[Measures].[Story Points added]

Note that if an issue has gone through several of the transitions that you’ve selected in the filter or if the issue has gone through the same transition several times, then the “SP transitioned” measure will sum up the story points for each of the transitions and will return the following result = story points * transitions.

Let me know if this makes sense or if you have any additional questions on this!
If this does not work for your use-case, let me know and I’ll guide you through an alternative solution!

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