Transition from filter to measure

Hi, I would like to know if there is a way to filter a report and then somehow get a matching measure.
for example, I take issue created, and I filter it to bugs only. then I chose reporter ‘David’. then I filter from the current year and get a result. (For the example let’s assume that my rows contain my teams and I want to see how many bugs were created by ‘David’ on my teams this year.)
and now I want to compare this to how many bugs were reported by ‘David’ last year or reported by ‘John’ this year.
once I will change the filters the entire table will change. so, I want to know how I can keep the first state while adding another one, and if there is a way to transfer the current filtered situation that I am happy with, to a measure than I can then view with a click on a button, then repeat the process so I can compare.
Thanks in advance!

Hi @nadavb97

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You could explore standart calculations for measures, such as “year ago” to calculate the results for the selected measure year ago.

You can also try to bookmark specific members for the report and then calculate report for them.

Check this video recording from a presentation to better understand MDX and report filters Training videos on specific topics

Martins / eazyBI

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