Transitions to and from assignee's on a specific project


trying to create a scorecard report but some of fields need to come from different projects, i need a way to build a measure to report on transitions to and from specific assignees from a specific project.

I current have:

[Project].[Plusnet Incident Management],
( [Measures].[Transitions to assignee] )
( [Measures].[Transitions from assignee] )

And it is pulling data in but i seem to missing issues that i know should be there.

any help would be great


Hi @dwaller1,

You can create two calculated measures forming a tuple out of the Project dimension members, the Assignee dimension member and one Measures dimension member. If you have the Assignee dimension already in the report, you can leave it out of the tuple. The formula for one of the calculated measures could look similar to the one below:

([Project].[Plusnet Incident Management],
[Measures].[Transitions to assignee])

Use the measure “Transitions from assignee” for the other calculation.

Kind regards,
Roberts // eazyBI support