Translation of "(none)"

Hi there , we want the member “(none)” to be displayed, but we don´t want in to be displayed in english.
How could we translate this member?

I´ve tried to create a calculated member in the dimension with following Formula, but I get an error:

case WHEN [Fehlercode].CurrentHierarchyMember.Name MATCHES ‘.none.’ then ‘Kein Fehlercode’ else [Fehlercode].CurrentHierarchyMember

Hi @AntonBDR ,

Unfortunately, you can’t change the name of the particular dimensions (none) member. One option is to define a new calculated member in the dimension with the desired name. In the formula, reference the dimension (none) member. For example, in the custom field “T-shirt size” dimension, the formula would be the one below:

[T-shirt size].[(none)]

The downside, you have to manually select the calculated member and remove the (none) member from the report. See a picture of a report below:

Another option is to define a new JavaScript calculated custom field that will assign the desired value if the custom field is empty but the real value when it is present. See more details on JavaScript calculated custom fields in the eazyBI documentation page - JavaScript calculated custom fields - eazyBI for Jira.

Roberts //


Hi @AntonBDR ,

I had a similar issue lately and I created a new member exactly like @roberts.cacus proposed, but after, I also created a new member for “All” with an aggregate of all the members, but replacing (none) with the new member. This way, I could still have 1 drillable All member selected and no repeat of the same member.

In Robert’s example, I would create the following member:

[T-shirt size].[No T-shirt size],
[T-shirt size].[L],
[T-shirt size].[M],
[T-shirt size].[S],
[T-shirt size].[XL],
[T-shirt size].[XS],
[T-shirt size].[XLL]

Have a good day,


Thanks @roberts.cacus and @Marilou !