Trying to get a percentage

Hi, I am not sure what I am missing but would appreciate it if someone could look over this and see if there is a glaring error?

I get a “Formula is not valid:
No function matches signature ’ AND '” error message.

I am trying to take a list of companies for a specific account manager and when a specific vendor is used in the jira ticket, it takes a measure and multiplies it by .33

WHEN [Company].CurrentMember.Name = ‘Old Mutual’ OR
[Company].CurrentMember.Name = ‘Pick n Pay’ OR
[Company].CurrentMember.Name = ‘Sanlam Life insurance Ltd’ OR
[Company].CurrentMember.Name = ‘Clickatell’ OR
[Company].CurrentMember.Name = ‘Clicks Group’ OR
[Company].CurrentMember.Name = ‘Derivco’ OR
[Company].CurrentMember.Name = ‘Entersekt’ OR
[Company].CurrentMember.Name = ‘Media24’ OR
[Company].CurrentMember.Name = ‘TFG: Foschini Group’ OR
[Company].CurrentMember.Name = ‘Woolworths (Pty) Ltd’ OR
[Company].CurrentMember.Name = ‘Truworths’ OR
[Company].CurrentMember.Name = ‘VSc Solutions’ OR
[Company].CurrentMember.Name = ‘Direct Axis’ OR
[Company].CurrentMember.Name = ‘Vivo Energy’ OR
[Company].CurrentMember.Name = ‘Just SA’ OR
[Company].CurrentMember.Name = ‘Metropolitan Health Corporate Pty Ltd’ OR
[Company].CurrentMember.Name = ‘Rawson Group’ OR
[Company].CurrentMember.Name = ‘Woolworths Financial Services’ OR
[Company].CurrentMember.Name = ‘Shoprite (Pty) Ltd’ OR
[Company] = ‘Digiata’ OR
[Company].CurrentMember.Name = ‘Kaap Agri Bedryf Limited’ OR
[Company].CurrentMember.Name = ‘Takealot’ OR
[Company].CurrentMember.Name = ‘Pepkor IT (Pty) LTD’ OR
[Company].CurrentMember.Name = ‘PEP a Division of Pepkor Retail Limited’ OR
[Company].CurrentMember.Name = ‘Old Mutual Insure Limited’
[Vendor].[Obsidian Code] OR
[Vendor].[Obsidian Compute] OR
[Vendor].[Obsidian Data] OR
[Vendor].[Obsidian Managed Services] OR
[Vendor].[Obsidian Teams] OR
[Vendor].[Autumn Leaf Code] OR
[Vendor].[Autumn Leaf Compute] OR
[Vendor].[Autumn Leaf Data]
[Measures].[Profit by Expected Close date]*0.33

Thanks for your time!

Nevermind :slight_smile: figured out my issue. Thanks anyways.