Unable to get filtered members on the same dimention

Im sorry that maybe i do not understand basic principles of working with eazyBI.
I want to filter one measure that contains SLA Elapsed time by another measure ( resolved issues on 1st line of support on a period of time).

For example, on october 2018 was resolved 80 issues.
Resolution time complete cycles measure contains 85 issues by the same period. (Issue has complete cycle only in status “closed” but when it on status “resolved”, sla on pause)

I need to get average time by divide this 2 measures. Count of members should be equal.

I’m trying to filter members from [Measures].[nominator] that in [Measures].[Resolved on 1st line].
I don’t understand how to write logic expression for this filter

  Descendants([Issue].CurrentHierarchyMember, [Issue].[Issue]),
    [Measures].[nominator].CurrentHierarchyMember  IS  [Measures].[Resolved on 1st line].CurrentHierarchyMember

I trying to use this formula as expression:
[Measures].[nominator].Default = [Measures].[R>Inc: 1L]
But its not right and filter not worked properly.

I’d be very grateful for all your advices.


You may want to get average elapsed time by using default SLA measure “SLA - Average hours” (Measures > Calculated members > Service desk) which is calculated dividing SLA elapsed hours by SLA completed cycles. This will give the average elapsed time per cycle.

If it does not suit your needs, you may want to create a measure with similar calculation, but use a measure with issue count in the divisor to get average elapsed hours per issue, not cycle. There are options:

  • One option is using measure “SLA Completed cycles issues count” that counts issues having completed SLA cycles within the given time period (but it also include issues that were later reopened and probably are still not resolved).
  • If SLA completion is related to issue resolution or issue closing, you may use measure “Issues resolved” or “Issues closed”, accordingly to how SLA is defined. Then issues that are still resolved/closed would be counted).
    Remember, that measure “Issues resolved” counts issues with a resolution date and resolution within in a given time period (regardless of their status), while measure “Issues closed” counts issues entered in a closing status in a given time period (regardless of their resolution date). Choose which one is

Could it be a solution for you?

Ilze, support@eazybi.com

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