Unable to get the child issues and parent links under parent issues

Hi Team,

As mentioned in the below image I am getting subtask but I am not getting any child issues and parent links linked to the parent issue or story. Can you help you me out to get the all the linked child issues, subtasks and parent links . I want to pull all the issues it may be bug, Story, task(child issues, child issues and parent links) etc… which are linked to parent issues


We discuss this topic via support email. Below is a short summary.

As Advanced roadmaps are used to link Parent and Child issues, you may use Issue dimension Advanced Roadmaps hierarchy to analyze data. Needed Parent issues are located in the Epic level of the Advanced Roadmaps hierarchy.

To filter the report by Epic level Parent issue types (and still expand their Child issues with other issue types in the report), linked field dimension “Advanced Roadmaps Epic issue type” might be imported and used as the report filter. Here is described how to define and import such a dimension: Issue link field dimensions.
:exclamation: When you define link field dimension for Advanced Roadmap hierarchy, parameter issue_key_column is defined specifically (it is described in the mentioned documentation).

Ilze, support@eazybi.com