Unresolved issues with parent issues and child issues with average days

Hi Team @nauris.malitis @janis.plume @GvidoN @roberts.cacus ,

I am looking for issues which are unresolved with parent link along child issues.

for example: child issues parent issues if I expand the parent the child issues need to come down along with the average days. In the below screenshot there are child issues for the first issue highlighted but it is not showing there child issues?

Hi MaheshwarReddy,

I noticed that in the screenshot you have “Top 5 by Average age days” selected. This will hide any child issues you are trying to expand (with + sign). Please try removing it (by clicking on it).

Also, just to be clear - I not a team member of eazyBI. I work in flex.bi. We are an eazyBI partner.

Hi @GvidoN ,

Even after removing that I was not able to get, I tried even doing that

My requirement is to get parent issues along with child issues with the average age days.
Also now I am getting sub tasks but not parent issues


Why would you filter the report by “Issue type”?
Likely that is the reason why sub-tasks are not displayed because your report is filtered by issue types at the parent level only.
If you select the “parent” level from hierarchy I believe you don’t need to use “Issue type” dimension in page filters anymore.

Martins / eazyBI support


If I want to look at specific Issue type I need to filter the issue types I hope so.
and As already mentioned that I am looking for average days of unresolved issues including the parent issues along with child issues.

Also I am able to pull sub tasks not Child issues

YOu can not expect to see child issues under parent if you child issues (or sub-tasks) are not filtered in the report.

What is exactly the use-case here?
Why would you filter certain issue types if you want to see also other ones in the report?



Can you suggest or share any definition in order to get the child issues under parent issues

In jira we are attaching child issues to the parent issues

Why can’t you add child issue types to “Issue type” page filter?



If I make that I cant get any child issues with parent issues it comes with issues and issue types in the report

Try adding child issue types to the “Issue type” page filter dropdown and report should let you expand parents to sub-task level.


Hi @martins.vanags

As I already described I was able to pull sub-tasks but unable to get child issues when I was expanding parent issue


Please reach out to support@eazybi.com and provide more details on what are the issue type for your “child issues” and how you define a child for the issue in Jira.