Update uploaded file

I am using an import of xls file in order to complete several datas and produce indicators.
Easybi project performs an update every 24h and this frequency is ok for me.
However, the update of the tickets datas do not include datas of the uploaded files.
Is there a way to force the update of the uploaded datas with a specific frequency (like the update of the project would be perfect).
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Hi @clement_dd_64,

That is a great question. If the xls file is added manually to the eazyBI source data, then eazyBI can’t import it automatically in a schedule similar to the Jira source application. Instead, the user who adds the file should verify and import it manually.

Nevertheless, there is an option in Server/Datacenter environment to create and use a directory in the JIRA_HOME folder specific to the particular eazyBI account where you can place the xls file, and ​eazyBI would import it automatically every 10 minutes. Please see more details here - Import source files from directory.

In Cloud, the Google Sheets integration is your best option for scheduled file imports - Google Sheets.

Roberts // support@eazybi.com