Updating Source Data After Reports Written

When I created a new account, I imported two existing projects (DCIB, DCT) and built a few reports. Since that time, I have added other projects to the account including a new project (DCRTB). Issues from DCT were then moved to project DCRTB. My original reports are now broken. When I look at the definition export, I was surprised to see that the definition was built based only on the source data that existed at time of inception.

No filters were configured other than a MATCHES for text in a custom field that was also migrated to the new project.

Is my assumption correct in that the source data in the definition is based on the projects at the time of report creation?

eazyBI uses dimension member names (for example, project name) if the members are addressed within the report explicitly. eazyBI does not rename members if the name changes in eazyBI.

Here are some scenarios when eazyBI stores member names in report:

  1. Member is Expanded or Drilled into

I will explain this on Issue dimension when used in Rows. The same principle works on any dimension and for usage on Columns as well.

eazyBI adds default member All Issues if you add dimension Issues to the Rows. You can expand (or use drill into) All Issues member to see projects. Then you expand (drill into) a particular project to access issues.

eazyBI will store All Issues member, and any Project member you expanded in report definition. Only those members (projects) will show up as expended any time you will open the report.

If you would like to see members on a particular level, for example, all issues, for any project - you would like to use Issue level selection in All hierarchy level members .

  1. Members are explicitly selected in report (select this, bookmark and add to report)

If you added bookmarked members to the report or selected one particular member for the reports eazyBI will save this member name in report definition and will show only members with this name.

If there is no data in report, or you are missing members, try the same approach (see screenshot above) select members of a particular level with All hierarchy level members.

  1. Member is used on Pages selection

If you are using a member selection in Pages, eazyBI will store the member name there.
If there is no any results for your member select, select All Members selection, for example, All Projects. To get the full set of members, full set of projects.

  1. Calculated members and calculated measures.

In some cases, you address members by names in calculated members or measures. Try more general calculations. Use some other patterns, or dynamic member retrieving.

If you need to address some members explicitly but names are a subject of change, you can use addressing member by key (works for default fields only):
where [Issue].[Issue] is dimension and level, and [PPP-NNN] is issue key, for example, [Issue].[Issue].&[DEMO-123]
The same could work for project:
where [Project].[Project] is dimension and level, and [Pkey] is project key, for example, [Project].[Project].&[DEMO]

Daina / support@eazybi.com